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The Laboratory

Our confirmation of [a customer at the center of attention] For the sake of the quality of our products in all stages of production starting from raw materials and end products delivered to customers.

The company with the latest laboratory for testing raw materials and products in the industry of tile flooring and marble Terrazzo with European specifications - and that in 2004 we were the first company specialized in the domain you add, such as those laboratories within the service entity.

In 2005 : Added more devices, which led to the conversion plant to a complete search is doing research on products.

Main tasks of the laboratory

Main tasks

  • Testing the chemical properties of raw materials involved in the production.
  • Examination of the products during manufacturing and final products.
  • The conduct technical tests of the products according to several standards, including : Standard Egyptian [ES: 269/2005] and the British Standards [BS 4131] This is in addition to the standard German and American.

Laboratory includes a variety of devices and equipment to conduct substantive research on new products laboratory is also collaborating with several government and private agencies to reach the highest accuracy of the technical tests.

The Selection and Test of Raw Materials

Selection of Raw Materials

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